Meet our newest team members

You might have heard we’ve been growing in size quite significantly in the last two months so we wanted to give you a proper introduction to three of our newest recruits.

Meet Mark Catterall the newest addition to the team, as well as Michael Crosby and Chris Mallan, the latest recruits to the Screenreach design team. In the coming weeks Mark, Chris and Michael will all be blogging to telling us a bit more about themselves, their backgrounds, and their missions at Screenreach.


Mark Catterall

Mark Catterall
Mark once won CBS’s Direct Sales Man of the Year but lucky for us he’s now our Head of Business Development for Digital-Out-Of-Home.  You’ll be able to spot him by his cool sense of style and his Scottish accent. He’s super passionate about innovative technology and how it can change the way you speak to your customer.


Chris Mallan


Chris Mallan
Chris is our graphics whiz who spends his days making Screach experiences fun to use and beautiful to look at. He’s a free spirit and plans to one day drive around the world in a VW camper van, but not until he’s first helped his fellow team mates conquer the world with Screach.


Michael Crosby


Michael Crosby
Michael is our Experience Engineer, he spends his days creating unforgettable Screach experiences with the rest of the design team. He gets his magic design powers and endless energy from drinking cans of Irn Bru and his 1st class design degree means he is somewhat of a smarty pants.


Thinking Digital competition winner

You may remember that we ran a competition at Thinking Digital Conference, whereby Screachers were entered into a prize draw if they voted on who their favourite speaker was from the event.

We had a great response to the experience and we announced our winner as Ian Smith, an IT Architect for IBM from Leeds. Ian was delighted to win an iPad2 and has kindly sent us a picture of himself with his new prized possession!

Ian Smith


Screach Hall of Fame

It’s been a little while since we announced Jimmy Saville as the first addition to our Screach Hall of Fame, so for some Friday fun, here’s our next famous Screacher….Robert Scoble!

Those from the technology world will know Robert as @scobleizer, a technical evangelist and American blogger. Sam and Robyn from the Screenreach team were lucky enough to meet and be interviewed by Robert at SXSW and some of the team also got to hang out with him at The Next Web Conference. We’re all huge fans of Robert here so we’re pleased to welcome him to the Hall of Fame!

Robert Scoble

Screenreach's Sam Morton with Robert Scoble

EAT Festival is using a Screach experience to reward foodies

The Screach platform has been used to open a world of interaction to techies, global health followers and shoppers in this last month, but Screach is now adding foodies to its repertoire! NewcastleGateshead’s EAT Festival is rolling out its very own Screach experience to allow foodies to interact with exclusive content and access discounts at the event.

EAT organisers, NewcastleGateshead Initiative, will be encouraging people to download the Screach app and then enter the unique Screach codes that can be found on posters at EAT mini-festivals throughout the city. Once the code is entered into the Screach app, users will be able to access exclusive foodie quizzes and receive discount vouchers and free products from a range of participating producers, once they answer the quiz question correctly.

EAT attendees will be able to enjoy rewards, cooking tips, and recipes, and store each of the vouchers in their own ‘offers’ section within the app. EAT is our first live event that has incorporated multiple location experiences, allowing festival goers to interact and learn more about all of the amazing food and drink spectacles going on around them. For attendees of EAT Festival, Screach will mean that the experience doesn’t end with the show before their eyes, there’s still more to discover, learn and be rewarded with!

EAT Festival is taking place from Friday 17 – Sunday 26 June and the Screach experience can be enjoyed during the Big EAT! Weekend on 18 – 19 June. If you’re going to be at EAT then keep your eyes peeled for Screach posters like this example below, it means that free products, discounts and cooking tips are just a click away.

If you are attending EAT then download Screach to your smart device (currently available on iPhone and Android) ready to start interacting this weekend. We’d love to hear what you think of the EAT Screach experience and which rewards you took home.

Screach at EAT! Festival

Fenwick is using Screach to let you get your face in their window

We had a great weekend as Fenwick Newcastle unveiled its first ever digital window display which shoppers are able to interact with using Screach.

It’s very exciting for us to roll Screach out into the retail industry and being a Newcastle based company, Fenwick’s famous window on Northumberland Street was the perfect opportunity for us to kick-start our retail ambitions.

Newcastle shoppers are now able to get their face in Fenwick window by downloading Screach to their smart device and entering the unique code from the display to instantly see their Facebook profile image appear in the window! Not only that, but every shopper that interacts will be given a voucher to redeem a free tea or coffee when they purchase food in any of Fenwick’s cafés or restaurants, which will be stored within their personal Screach app. They’ll also be given the option to enter their email address to be included in a prize draw for an iPad2.

We went down to Fenwick over the weekend to see the window display unveiled to the public. It was a rainy day but shoppers were still keen to give it a go and the display itself looked great in its prime Northumberland Street location!

Fenwick window

Screach in Fenwick Window

We’ll be heading over to Fenwick window this week to chat to shoppers and see what they think of Screach and the city’s first interactive digital display. If you’re going to be shopping in Newcastle over the next few weeks then check it out and let us know what you think.

Screach delivers first live US event experience at North Carolina TEDx

We have had an awesome month delivering Screach experiences at live events across the world!

We told you about the Screach experiences that were used at the Microsoft Ubelly Critter Awards and Thinking Digital Conference, and to top off our month of live audience engagement, Screach was enjoyed by delegates at TEDx Chapel Hill last week in North Carolina.

TEDx Chapel Hill was our first US event since we opened our New York office in May. It’s been a whirlwind month since then! The theme at TEDx was ‘Global Health: What’s Technology Got To Do With It?’ and we enabled attendees to interact with the on-stage content and information using Screach.

Here’s some feedback that we received from Heather LaGarde, Partnerships Advisor, IntraHealth International & TEDxChapelHill Organizer:

“We immediately saw the far reaching potential of Screach in the field of ‘serious gaming’ and ICT for development. It is an engaging and community building tool that makes communication, teaching and learning entertaining and collaborative. Screach is an innovation that could have a huge impact on how we learn and share information in an increasingly socially connected world.”

The Screach TEDx experience as it appeared on the digital on-stage screen

The audience at TEDx Chapel Hill could download Screach and enter a unique code to begin interacting with questions on the screen. Then they simply had to choose from the multiple option answers that were available within their smart device to enable the on-screen results to update in real time. This experience really worked brilliantly at an event like TEDx which focuses on the TED ethos of ‘Ideas Worth Sharing’. It was an engaging way for attendees to learn more about the issues and topics being discussed and it went down really well, with almost 300 interactions during the evening from an audience of 400.


We’ve loved launching Screach at so many live events, each one was unique and required Screach to perform in a different way to interact with its audience.  Not only this, but we can also create in-app features such as an event itinerary and location maps.

One of the exciting things about Screach is that it gives you the power to create any experience you like, to interact with your audience in the way that you think best, and to engage with them in a new and exciting way.  Our live events have certainly achieved this and mark the launch of Screach’s live event potential.

David Weinfeld, our Chief Strategy Officer and head of our New York office attended the event.  Here’s what David had to say: “It was great to integrate Screach into a TEDx event. It was wonderful to see so many people’s faces pop up on the screen as the questions were posed to the audience. Since the questions we asked came directly from the other speakers and IntraHealth, the experience proved to be fun, engaging, and informative for the whole audience. It gave attendees the ability to interact with the event’s subject matter in a way that sparked further learning and discussion.”

TEDx Chapel Hill was a great start to our US activity. Check out Sam, our Chief Operations Officer, taking great pleasure in adding another pin to the Screach world map as we tick off North Carolina!

Sam Morton


Fans’ Man of the Match ends the season on a high!

Our Fans’ Man of the Match went out with a bang to celebrate the end of the 2010/2011 football season.

We’ve been running Fans’ Man of the Match since March this year, enabling fans to vote for their man of the match at Newcastle United games, for the first time ever. For the last game of the season, we took MotM to one of Newcastle’s most popular football pubs, Sam Jacks.

Last game of the season at Sam Jacks

Last game of the season at Sam Jacks

The experience went down fantastically at Sam Jacks and we had almost 3,000 people interact with the digital screens throughout the bar and vote for their favourite player. Previously we’d only run Fans’ Man of the Match within St James’ Football Stadium. It was an exciting end to the season that opened the experience up to fans outside of the stadium as well as those within.

Sam Jacks did a fantastic job of promoting the Fans’ Man of the Match. Screach was displayed on screens throughout the bar and all of the staff were proudly wearing our Screach t-shirts.

Every person that interacted could watch the man of the match votes update in real time and were rewarded with a voucher giving them a huge discount on becoming a club member.

The Sam Jacks Screachettes

The Sam Jacks Screachettes

Football fans are crazy about their sport, of course they want to vote for their man of the match, they want to be able to interact and give their opinion on every aspect of the game. Giving fans something more to enhance their experience is becoming the expected. Many fans dedicate a lot of time and money to their love for the game and want to be able to enjoy the new and innovative extras that technology can offer them.

Fans' Man of the Match on the big screen!

Fans' Man of the Match on the big screen!

Last week, Manchester City announced that it is introducing a new digital membership scheme for season ticket holders which includes augmented reality content and the ability to collect points to bid on “money can’t buy experiences” on the club’s auction site. Manchester City have recognised that in this digital age, they need to be offering their fans something more.

The successful take up of the Fans’ Man of the Match and launch of Man City’s new campaign goes to show that clubs now need to step up to the mark and offer their loyal supporters more content and content that is both interactive and engaging. Football supporters love their teams, they want more information, exclusive news, discounts, and the ability to interact with the club that they love so much.

The Screach Fans’ Man of the Match allows them to do exactly that. They can view the line-up, vote for their favourite players and be rewarded for doing so. We’re looking forward to taking Fans’ Man of the Match into the 2011/2012 season.

We’ve launched the new version of Screach for iPhone

As of today the updated version of Screach is available in the Apple App Store!

We’re really pleased to launch the latest version as we were aware of lots of things we’d like to change in the old version so we we’ve been looking forward to sharing this news. It means that iPhone users can now enjoy the same features as Android users. Hopefully, you’ll see that we’ve taken a lot of your feedback on board. The changes include a general tidy up of the app and improvements to the user experience, consolidation of content, new sign in options including the option to connect through Twitter, and much more.

The Screach Keypad…

The first thing you’ll notice when you open Screach is that you’re taken straight to the keypad where you can enter the unique code for the experience you are about to interact with. In the old version, you were taken straight to the ‘Home’ area which was a little confusing, especially for first time users. The ‘Home’ area allowed you to select which experience you’d like to do based on whether you were at home, relaxing, on the move etc. We’ve completely removed this tab from the app, leaving you with four concise sections rather than five.

Click to enlarge the images below:

Consolidating the content within the ‘Explore’ section…

Moving on to the second tab, ‘Explore’, you’ll see we’ve tidied this section up a lot. Previously there were nine categories to explore but we’ve consolidated them into these six sections:

Nearby Experiences:

- Find experiences near to your current location

Nearby Places:

- Check in to places nearby and tag others that are with you

Nearby Challenges:

- Check out experiences recommended by Screach and your friends


- Check out experiences recommended by Screach and your friends


- Check out places, experiences and challenges that you’ve been tagged in


- Search for experiences, places and challenges that you’ll enjoy

The next tab takes you to the ‘Offers’ section which allows you to store and view all of the discounts, coupons and prizes that you’ve been rewarded for interacting with Screach experiences. This section remains the same.

More options to connect with Screach through your social networks…

Next up is your personal ‘Passport’ area which may appear the same at first glance, but you’ll see that we’ve added a ‘settings’ button in the top right. Within ‘settings’ you can also connect to Screach through Twitter. Choose to connect through Twitter and Facebook or just one or other – it’s up to you.

We feel that the changes have made a significant difference to the app, even the second you open Screach things are clearer than they were previously. We’ve all been playing around and already thought of a couple of other features we’d like to integrate to make the experience even better for the user, so no doubt these will be included in the next update.

We’d love to hear your feedback…

If you already have Screach installed on your iPhone then you should be prompted to update anytime now. If you’re yet to install Screach, the newest version is available in the Apple App Store now for download. Once you’re got the updated version, we’d really appreciate your thoughts so that we can continue to improve the app. We hope you’re pleased with the changes we’ve made so far, most of them were a result of excellent feedback we’ve received in the past.