Screach celebrity avatars

Here are some of the celebrity avatars we created in our Screach avatar generator. Can you guess who they are? We’re sending t-shirts to those who guess the correct answer first.

Don’t forget to also create your own avatar!


Create your own Screach avatar!

Screach avatar generator

The new version of Screach is almost ready for release – but first we’d love you to check out to create your very own Screach avatar.

When you set up your Screach account you’ll then be able to get creative with our avatar generator. The avatar you create will then be tied to your Screach account when you download the new version of the app which will be ready on 7 March.

We can’t wait to see what you think of the new app – but first of all we want to see what amazing avatars you can create! Get started here. Enjoy!


Cadbury launch Screach Dairy Milk Puzzle

Cadbury Dairy Milk 'Move a Square' challenge

Chocolate fans can have fun with Screach courtesy of Cadbury this week by enjoying an interactive Dairy Milk, ‘Move the Square’ game in Dublin’s Dundrum shopping centre.

If you’re out enjoying a spot of shopping at Dundrum then look out for the ‘Move the Square’ game (on screens like the one above) around the centre. All you have to do to interact is to download Screach to your smart device and enter the code advertised. You can then start trying to crack the Dairy Milk puzzle on the screen.

You’ll get two minutes to try and crack the puzzle and everyone that completes it in that time will go into a prize draw for tickets to the 2012 London Olympics!

Check it out and see what you think!