3 Simple Steps for Bars to Drive Sales with ScreachTV

So you’re advertising your menus, drinks offers and live events on the screen, showing live local news and sport updates, and even your Facebook page and Instagram photos. But how can you *really* maximise your use of ScreachTV to make an impact when you’re counting up the receipts at the end of the night?

1. Advertise those last minute offers

Got stock to shift, with a use by date? Make a professional-looking advert for your product, quickly, using the advert templates available in the Screach portal. You’ll be able to see your advert on the screen within minutes of creating it.

2. Show live football data

Not able to broadcast a particular sports match because you have the wrong television provider? Keep your customers in your bar for longer, by subscribing to the Screach Football channel. It’ll allow you to show all the latest stats, info and breaking news from live EPL matches. Radio commentary coming soon too!

3. Capitalise on Last Orders

The very end of the night is the last chance to make sales before your customers go home. With the clever scheduling system of ScreachTV, you can decide to show an advert only at a specific time. You could display a special advert to alert everyone when it’s last orders. You could even make an event out of it by adding a countdown timer!

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