Screach in LA: A Hell of a Trip

Los Angeles in February

Guess we can tick this off the startup “bucket list”.

It’s Monday morning in LA, and Screach CEO Paul Rawlings is sitting about 20 feet away from music man and tech investor Will.I.Am, who’s being interviewed on future technology by Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales.

In a little while, he’ll be pitching his own digital innovation to a crowd which includes international entertainment bosses, investors, and hotly-tipped startup talent.

Paul Rawlings is a lucky ********

Picture by Todd Jones Photography, used under Creative Commons

Picture by Todd Jones Photography, used under Creative Commons

We’ve all grown to love the creative weather here in the North East of England.

It’s exciting to wake up asking yourself questions, such as: “Does this dress look good drenched in rainwater?”, “Will I need to wear a crash helmet in case a random sky-splodge of snow slops down on my head while I’m out getting lunch?” and “How the hell do those people manage to go out on the Bigg Market wearing that little?”.

But we’ve got to admit a slight twinge of jealousy when we glance over to our CEO Paul Rawlings’ desk this week.

Paul jetted off to California at the weekend to spend quality time at Innovation Forum Los Angeles. It’s a two-day event co-hosted by the Founders Forum, in association with UK Trade & Investment and companies such as Universal Music Group.

A Screachy Christmas Story

It’s closing in on Christmas. You know what that means.

Tinsel. Presents. The same eight songs again and again. Festive drinks and nuclear hangovers. And, of course, that special moment when companies get all wistful and start reminiscing about all they’ve done in the last 12 months.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.


Screach and the Space Invasion

We were out at a gig this weekend, and because we’re so dedicated, we took our work with us.

Screach’s second screen platform was put through its paces at Space Invasion, a creative show at The Sage Gateshead that was run by Generator and Northern Film + Media as part of Arts Council England and BBC’s initiative, The Space. Over 400 people bounced into The Sage’s Hall Two to listen to acts including Ghostpoet, DVJ Raj Pannu and Lulu James.

With all those lovely folk on stage, it’s worth bringing up a question that all second screen experience makers should ask themselves before they start shoving things onto people’s smartphones…

Why do people need to be looking at their phones with all this cool stuff going on?

Radio City’s Fans’ Man of the Match

Radio CityCalling all football fans! Liverpool’s hit radio station, Radio City 96.7FM , will be running an interactive Fans’ Man of the Match vote this weekend.

As the country prepares for the 2012 FA Cup Final with Chelsea and Liverpool, RadioCity listeners will be able to interact in real time through the Radio City app which has had Screach technology embedded into it.

It means you’ll be able to cast your vote for who you thought was the man of the match and see who others are voting for in real time.  It’s a very cool offering from Radio City during one of the biggest football dates in the calendar.

Tha match kicks off at 5.15pm on Saturday 5 May so make sure you download the Radio City app ready to vote.

Check out Local LowDown

Looking for cool Screach experiences to play? Take a look at Local LowDown…

What is Local LowDown?

Local LowDown is a location based experience that allows you to discover cool things and look up information about your exact location.  All you have to do is launch the experience within your Screach app and Screach will detect your location (make sure you enable location data) and deliver feeds about the venues and places around you.

Why is Local LowDown so cool?

Quite simply because it lets you discover interesting facts, cool venues that you maybe didn’t know existed and claims to fame from that area.

Local LowDown is also a very cool tool for when you are on a city break or exploring a new town.

How does it work?

Our experience wizards, Joe and Scott, created Local LowDown to be your number one location experience. The experience was built using the Wikipedia API which means all of the information you can access is gathered from Wikipedia and delivered to you dependent on your location.

What do you think? Check out Local LowDown and let us know your thoughts.

Our competition winner – David Coxon

Here’s David Coxon, the winner of our beta tester competition and now the proud owner of a Macbook Air.

David won the Macbook for all of the help he gave us during our Screach beta testing process earlier this year. David’s feedback was fantastic and really helped us to improve the app. A big thank you and congratulations to David!