This is so cool – 125 years of Coca Cola

The coolest thing we’ve seen this week, is without a doubt Coca Cola’s 3D digital signage campaign to celebrate the soft drink’s 125th birthday.

For those of you that missed it, Coca Cola is displaying the world’s largest building illumination directly on to its headquarters’ tower in Atlanta. The illumination itself is awesome, you will not be able to watch this without having a sudden craving for an icy cold glass of coke.

The building, which is 402 feet high, was canvassed in scrim and the projection was displayed on all four sides of the tower. The design and projection were created and executed by the geniuses at Obscura Digital. Here at Screenreach we are keen followers of Obscura, they create projections that are seriously visually tantilising, check out their projection on Sydney Opera House.

The projection includes imagery from Coca Cola’s advertising campaigns from the year of their inception in 1886 all the way to present day. The display is being projected every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening throughout May and even more excitingly, consumers who upload their favourite Coca Cola photos to the Facebook Fan Page could be in with the chance of having their picture included in the show.

This kind of digital projection excites us a great deal. The possibilities for making displays like this interactive to the masses are literally endless.  The celebration of Coca Cola’s birthday continues on its website with facts from its history, the option to vote on your favourite of its famous TV adverts, and the chance to buy merchandise.

It would be awesome to tie in these web extras and the Atlanta projection using Screach technology. Using a code displayed on the screen you could interact with all of the online content, cast your vote in one simple step, and buy merchandise all whilst enjoying the evening display at Coca Cola HQ. What better way to celebrate your 125th birthday then by integrating all of these amazing technologies into one hugely interactive and visual campaign for your loyal customers?

Happy Birthday Coca Cola – and well done to Obscura Digital for excelling once again.

Check Us Out at a Conference Near You

As we continue to spread the good Screach word, our pilgrimage will take us to London and Berlin next week.

CEO, Paul Rawlings and CSO, David Weinfeld will be heading down to London for Screenmedia Expo 2011, from Tuesday 17 – Wednesday 18 May, where they’ll be taking to the stage to talk about our Screach App and, rather excitingly, announcing some big news for Screenreach. If you’re going to be at the Expo then check us out, we’ll be exhibiting a range of the Screach ‘experiences’ at stand C43 in Theatre Two. Come see us, but we warn you, prepare to be blown away by what you see.

While Paul is in the Big Smoke, our second in command, Sam Morton will be heading to Berlin for  Next 11 Conference where he will be hearing from some awesome global speakers and having his say on stage too. Sam will be speaking just after lunch on Tuesday 17 May.

If you’re going to be at Screenmedia Expo or Next 11 next week then come and say hello, we’re a friendly bunch.

On Thursday 19 May we will be back in the North East for The Entrepreneur’s Forum’s annual conference, The Land of Opportunity.  We’re very excited to be at this conference which celebrates eight years of The Entrepreneur’s Forum. It’s a fantastic network set up by a group of leading North East business people, one of whom was our very own board member and investor, Tom Maxfield.

Paul and Sam will be on stage at The Land of Opportunity at 2pm. Speakers at the conference also include the likes of Simon Calver, CEO of LoveFilm, and Sarah Willingham, leading high street food and leisure industry entrepreneur. It’s going to be a day jam-packed with inspiration.

Attending industry conferences brings a lot of value to us and it’s awesome to get out there and meet other people who are as passionate and excited about the future of technology as we are.

If you’re going to be attending any of these conferences then get in touch, you can catch up with us on Twitter:

CEO, Paul Rawlings: @prawlings
COO, Sam Morton: @SamJMorton
CSO, David Weinfeld: @DavidWeinfeld

How Audi Could Have Made Their Latest Digital Signage Campaign Even Better

During our regular perusal of news from the world of digital signage we came across an interesting story about Audi’s latest digital signage campaign.

The campaign has been set up to launch Audi’s new A7 Coupe and is currently being showcased on one of the most desirable digital screens in the world in Times Square, New York. The campaign focuses on the new product’s ‘bold design’ and continues the theme by nominating seven locations in New York that Audi believe demonstrate ‘bold design’.

The ideas is that passers-by can ‘check-in’ to the screen through Facebook Places or Foursquare and have their profile picture displayed, they don’t receive any discounts but they do get to see their face on the big screen. They can also access a mini guide to the city’s ‘bold design’ locations, via a QR Code or SMS, to find out more information about them, or how to find them.

Finally, users can nominate their own examples of ‘bold design’ via Twitter using the hashtag #bolddesign. The campaign is a step in the right direction to begin interacting with users but we can’t help but notice that a lot more could have been done and the campaign could have been much more effective using ScreachML.

Firstly, Audi could have used a platform that would have maximised on interactions. As it stands, the process for interacting seems a little fragmented. To enjoy the full experience that Audi are selling you need to use either Facebook Places or Foursquare (for checking in), Twitter (to nominate your own bold designs) and either a QR Code or SMS to access the mini guide. Wouldn’t so many different platforms discourage passers-by from interacting with the full experience, with them instead perhaps just indulging in one or two of the experiences?

The experience with the most potential for interaction is the #bolddesign nominations on Twitter. However, on inspection of the hash tag, it’s been used a mere 14 times (some of which is @audi). Is Twitter the best platform for this kind of interaction? Surely the best way to maximise on Twitter would be to shown a live stream of the hashtag on the big screen? According to an eMarketer campaign published in February 2011, only 8.7% of Americans are on Twitter – the number that are active users could be even less.

Our ScreachML allows content designers, creatives and developers to create interactive content where a user can control the content using their smartphone with ease. Even someone with the most basic technical knowledge can quickly get started and begin to create interactive experiences with digital screens. We provide the tools and the way for the user to access the content, allowing them to put the technology to best use.

Using ScreachML, Audi could create their own personalised app that allows users to interact with their digital signage campaign using their smartphone. Using Screach’s various ‘experiences’, or even building more of their own, Audi could amalgamate all of the different aspects of this campaign into one simple and effective app.

Using Screach, passers-by could ‘check-in’ and see their face on the big screen – and why not reward them for doing so? They could vote on their favourite of Audi’s bold design locations and even nominate and vote on each other’s suggestions  in real time.  According to data released by the Nielsen Company in December 2010, almost 30% of Americans own a smartphone, almost four times the amount using Twitter.

All that passers-by would need to do would be to download the app for free, enter a unique code and begin interacting with all of Audi’s campaign content. Screach pulls through their profile image from Facebook so they don’t even have to upload an image. Not only that but they could also interact with each other, how awesome would it be for Audi to incorporate a game into their campaign? Users could play an Audi A7 racing game, or similar, against each other on the 15,000 square foot screen for all to see in Times Square. It would be an excellent chance for Audi to showcase their new product and would give users a chance to directly interact with that product. The leader board could be available for all to see and the overall winner could receive gifts, discounts or even better, an Audi A7 Coupe.

With an estimated 1.6 million people walking through Times Square every day, and 30% of them using smartphones, Audi could potentially interact with around 480,000 people each day. Not only that, but using the Screach App they’d be able to profile each interaction to find out more about their consumers.

Using ScreachML to create their own fully branded app would allow passers-by to interact with each aspect of their digital signage campaign with one simple step. People in Times Square are on the move, make it quick and easy for them to be a part of the campaign.

What do you think about Audi’s campaign? What do you think of our suggestions for improvement?

The Screach Hall of Fame

Jimmy Saville is a Screacher - are you?

Jimmy Saville is a Screacher - are you?

As the Screach word begins to spread we’ll be bringing you the ‘Screach Hall of Fame’ where we show you some famous Screachers.

It’s just a little fun to see who is using Screach in the world of the rich and famous. First up is none other than TV and radio legend Jimmy Saville! We personally can’t think of anyone better to kick start the trend. Check Jimmy out in this picture doing the Screach sign.

If you’re yet to become a Screacher then the app is available on iPhone and Android with Blackberry and Windows Phone to follow shortly.

There’ll be more Hall of Fame Screachers coming soon!


Marketing Coordinator joins Screenreach

Sarah joins Screenreach

Here I am doing a cheesy Screach pose

Hi, I’m Sarah Athey and I’m the new Marketing Coordinator at Screenreach. I’ve just joined the team this week so I wanted to say a big hello and introduce myself.

I’ve joined Screenreach from an organisation called Codeworks where I managed the communications, web content and social media for projects such as Thinking Digital Conference, Codeworks Connect and GameHorizon Conference. I had a lot of fun working there but over the last few months I kept hearing about this company called Screenreach everywhere I went!

The more I read about Screenreach the more excited I became at the work they were doing. Their product, the Screach app, is a unique interactive digital media platform that allows anyone to create real time, two way interactive experiences between a smart device and any content on any screen, or just within the mobile itself. Once I watched some of their demo videos I realised just how awesome Screach was and I literally couldn’t conceive where the possibilities would end with this product.

I’d had some previous contact with Paul Rawlings, the Screenreach CEO, so I thought what the hell, I’m going to drop him an email and tell him more about myself. I sent over some information about myself and before I knew it was chatting to Paul and COO Sam Morton about their company and the Screach app. We all seemed to get pretty fired up about it and share the same ideas and motivation so I was thrilled when they offered me this Marketing Coordinator position.

I’m now busy enjoying my first week at Screenreach and I’m feeling pretty proud to be part of such an exciting start-up.  They are a fantastically talented team with some super exciting plans in the pipeline!

My first task is to start bringing you some awesome content via this blog. I’ll be writing about our life as a start-up, our product, the team, giving you our thoughts and opinions on the latest industry news and much more. If there’s anything you’d like us to include or that you’d like to know about then please tell us. Let us know if there’s something you don’t like too, it’s the only way we’ll be able to make it better.



We launched Screach at DEMO 2011

Check out the official launch of our app, Screach, at DEMO Conference 2011 in Silicon Valley, California. DEMO is the world’s largest launchpad for emerging technology so it was a platform that we just had to take advantage of. Watch as Screenreach CEO Paul Rawlings, and COO Sam Morton, take to the stage to present Screach to thousands of venture capitalists and tech journalists…