Big news for ScreachTV


It’s been a busy last few months, but we were pleased to be able to announce this week that we’ve raised $2.5m to really push ScreachTV in the UK and beyond.

As reported in The Next Web, Sixteen:Nine and others, we’ve got funding from Northstar Ventures, Hotspur Capital Partners and other strategic investors to accelerate the rollout of ScreachTV across pubs and bars around the country. We’ll also be keeping an eye on other markets too.

A Screachy Christmas Story

It’s closing in on Christmas. You know what that means.

Tinsel. Presents. The same eight songs again and again. Festive drinks and nuclear hangovers. And, of course, that special moment when companies get all wistful and start reminiscing about all they’ve done in the last 12 months.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.


Wi no wifi?

Everyone remembers the first time they saw their favourite team’s stadium with their own eyes.

For me, it came a few weeks ago. After more than 20 years as a San Francisco 49ers fan, I finally climbed the steps to a seat in the team’s famous Candlestick Park home.

From these seats, fans had cheered on the heroes of my youth. They’d witnessed the drops, scores, wins, losses, and guzzled down the hotdogs and churros that seemed to pass by in large cooler bags every five seconds.

I’d shared many of these moments with them, glued to my TV. For the first time, I was part of the crowd. And I did what any overwhelmed fan would do when they’ve finally made it onto hallowed, historic ground.

I spent 45 minutes trying to check in on Foursquare.

A day at AdMonsters Screens

It’s always good to try and do something a little different on a Monday morning, so we kicked off our week with a trip to London for the AdMonsters Screens conference.

The nice folk at AdMonsters invited us to put together a panel during their morning session. Screach founder Paul Rawlings joined Mike Hemmings of Amscreen and Rob Edwards of Bauer Media to discuss interesting ways to use screens to engage with consumers.

You are here: Why “Social, Local, Mobile” rocks


They call it “social, local, mobile” (or SoLoMo if they’re really trying to annoy you).

It’s an important concept that technology companies and brands should be thinking about, and if you’re not doing it, you’ll be left behind.

Hang on…

This sounds like high school all over again. And, y’know what, the world didn’t end because I didn’t wear skinny jeans or a pork pie hat when it was fashionable.

What’s in store for Screach?

Screach co-founders Paul Rawlings and Sam Morton

If you’ve already downloaded Screach, you’ll notice we’ve got an update out. It’s all leading up to a major revamp of the app in the next couple of months, but it’s an interesting indication of where we’re headed…

Over the last 18 months, Screach has evolved. We’ve had a name change (for those of you who remember us as Screenreach Interactive), we’ve added a New York office, and we’re a bigger team than when we first emerged from the Difference Engine startup accelerator in 2010.

Screach at IBC 2012

Our CEO Paul Rawlings spent the early part of this week in Amsterdam, soaking up the atmosphere at IBC 2012. IBC is a great spot to pick up the latest chatter about electronic media and entertainment, and Paul was invited to be part of a panel on the evolution and the future of second screen.

During the conference, he bumped into The Next Web’s Martin Bryant, who’s been following Screach from its early days.

Once Paul got back to Newcastle, we grilled him a little about what he’d seen and heard at the conference, and had a bit of a chat of our own about second screen and where it might be headed.

How Cheryl Cole got our attention

Cheryl Cole’s new video is appearing on a big screen in Meadowhall mall in Sheffield from this week. But people won’t just be watching. They’ll also be getting involved using Screach technology.

A lot of people love Cheryl. But it’s a tough call to get a large group of people to stop and watch an entire video when they’re locked into a shopping spree. Seriously, have you seen the rock-bottom prices in that store over there?

However, that all changes when you give people the opportunity to interact with the video, especially if that involves the chance to catch the Geordie popstar herself on tour.

Screach at EYE’S VEYEP Gatwick event

A few weeks back we had the privilege of being involved in EYE Corp’s fantastic showcase at Gatwick Airport.

The event, named VEYEP was a chance for journalists, clients and partners to take a look at EYE’s new digital media solutions. For the event, we created an EYE experience which allowed users to customise messages to friends and family on one of EYE’s digital screens. Users were able to connect to the screen through Screach then select the message options they preferred. The options included who the message would address, the body of the message and then customised design features that you wanted to show up with the message.

It’s been great working with an organisation like EYE on this project and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

Check out the pictures of the EYE Screach experience at Gatwick and let us know what you think…