Check out Local LowDown

Looking for cool Screach experiences to play? Take a look at Local LowDown…

What is Local LowDown?

Local LowDown is a location based experience that allows you to discover cool things and look up information about your exact location.  All you have to do is launch the experience within your Screach app and Screach will detect your location (make sure you enable location data) and deliver feeds about the venues and places around you.

Why is Local LowDown so cool?

Quite simply because it lets you discover interesting facts, cool venues that you maybe didn’t know existed and claims to fame from that area.

Local LowDown is also a very cool tool for when you are on a city break or exploring a new town.

How does it work?

Our experience wizards, Joe and Scott, created Local LowDown to be your number one location experience. The experience was built using the Wikipedia API which means all of the information you can access is gathered from Wikipedia and delivered to you dependent on your location.

What do you think? Check out Local LowDown and let us know your thoughts.

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