Introducing Version 3.3


If you’ve updated your phone apps in the last few days, you might have noticed that Screach has undergone a bit of a makeover…

Screach3.3Screach version 3.3 is now available for iPhone and Android, and we’ve been focusing on making it as simple as possible for Screach users to get stuck into some fun experiences, whether they’re on the bus, at home or in a pub.

Screach’s chief technology officer David Challener says:

“We’ve made some changes to the interface, and the main purpose has been to simplify it down to some core features. We’ve made the app very simple so that people can get an idea of what it is straight away. The profile page is much clearer, we’ve redesigned the offers and we’ve focused on just having the four screens for now.”

If you’re logging into Screach for the first time, there are a few experiences you can start playing straight away. The Local Lowdown will show you experiences that are happening near you, and The Decider can help you to sort out questions like whose round it is next. You can listen to tunes using the Radio experience, and the Extra Time Football Quiz challenges you to answer as many questions as you can in a minute.

“It’s important that people can just sign in and have something to do right away. So we’ve kept in some experiences that you can play wherever you are”, says David.

Of course, many of you will be signing in so that you can play the quizzes and games screened on ScreachTV systems in pubs across the country. So we’ve made the keypad as obvious as possible in the menu bar at the bottom. Just type in the code and you’re good to go.

“Because we’re putting ScreachTV into venues all the time, we know there will be a lot of bars with Screach content. So we’ve made sure to keep the keypad nice and prominent so that if you have to type in a code to join in with an experience, you can see how to do that easily.”

We’re improving Screach all the time, so watch this space for more news. You can download the Screach app on iOS from the Apple App Store, or on Android from Google Play. Be part of it…

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