The Screach Hall of Fame

Jimmy Saville is a Screacher - are you?

Jimmy Saville is a Screacher - are you?

As the Screach word begins to spread we’ll be bringing you the ‘Screach Hall of Fame’ where we show you some famous Screachers.

It’s just a little fun to see who is using Screach in the world of the rich and famous. First up is none other than TV and radio legend Jimmy Saville! We personally can’t think of anyone better to kick start the trend. Check Jimmy out in this picture doing the Screach sign.

If you’re yet to become a Screacher then the app is available on iPhone and Android with Blackberry and Windows Phone to follow shortly.

There’ll be more Hall of Fame Screachers coming soon!


Marketing Coordinator joins Screenreach

Sarah joins Screenreach

Here I am doing a cheesy Screach pose

Hi, I’m Sarah Athey and I’m the new Marketing Coordinator at Screenreach. I’ve just joined the team this week so I wanted to say a big hello and introduce myself.

I’ve joined Screenreach from an organisation called Codeworks where I managed the communications, web content and social media for projects such as Thinking Digital Conference, Codeworks Connect and GameHorizon Conference. I had a lot of fun working there but over the last few months I kept hearing about this company called Screenreach everywhere I went!

The more I read about Screenreach the more excited I became at the work they were doing. Their product, the Screach app, is a unique interactive digital media platform that allows anyone to create real time, two way interactive experiences between a smart device and any content on any screen, or just within the mobile itself. Once I watched some of their demo videos I realised just how awesome Screach was and I literally couldn’t conceive where the possibilities would end with this product.

I’d had some previous contact with Paul Rawlings, the Screenreach CEO, so I thought what the hell, I’m going to drop him an email and tell him more about myself. I sent over some information about myself and before I knew it was chatting to Paul and COO Sam Morton about their company and the Screach app. We all seemed to get pretty fired up about it and share the same ideas and motivation so I was thrilled when they offered me this Marketing Coordinator position.

I’m now busy enjoying my first week at Screenreach and I’m feeling pretty proud to be part of such an exciting start-up.  They are a fantastically talented team with some super exciting plans in the pipeline!

My first task is to start bringing you some awesome content via this blog. I’ll be writing about our life as a start-up, our product, the team, giving you our thoughts and opinions on the latest industry news and much more. If there’s anything you’d like us to include or that you’d like to know about then please tell us. Let us know if there’s something you don’t like too, it’s the only way we’ll be able to make it better.



We launched Screach at DEMO 2011

Check out the official launch of our app, Screach, at DEMO Conference 2011 in Silicon Valley, California. DEMO is the world’s largest launchpad for emerging technology so it was a platform that we just had to take advantage of. Watch as Screenreach CEO Paul Rawlings, and COO Sam Morton, take to the stage to present Screach to thousands of venture capitalists and tech journalists…


Introducing Screach – Make your World Interactive

Welcome to Screach, the interactive platform that makes the world fully interactive. So what is Screach? Screach on your phone opens up a world of fun and rewarding interactive experiences for you and your friends. It’s easy to Screach – just open the app, tap in the code and launch an experience – from multi-player gaming, interactive TV, to quizzes, polls, voting and exhibition tours, Screach makes your world fully interactive.

Screach is social – with “check in” to your experience and location automatic when you engage, you can use Screach to share your experiences with all of your friends in real time. It’s rewarding to Screach – every interaction comes with a prize; from vouchers, to offers, virtual badges and points, Screach delivers cool rewards every single time.

Go on, have a go, it’s time to start Screaching…

Potential Facebook Security Flaw

Whilst playing around with the Facebook API for Screenreach, I noticed that I was getting messages sent to my inbox that weren’t from any Facebook account that I had set up. It turns out that one of my email addresses has been associated with another Facebook account, all being it was an unconfirmed email address.

However, this is where the problem seems to lie. It seems that Facebook will send out message alerts to even unconfirmed email addresses which then in turn allows the unconfirmed email address to go through security and reset the password.

The security question in the reset password process asked for the date of birth of the user. As I didn’t know the answer and hence got it wrong three times, Facebook then emailed me a security code which could then be entered back into Facebook and so by passed the question itself.

Being the nice chap that I am, and after all at the time I thought it was my account in question, I have alerted the user to the change and given him access to his account back. However can’t seem to get hold of Facebook to tell them about what has gone on.

I am not sure whether it is totally a Facebook issue or whether the user should have been more careful, but to me the system shouldn’t have let me bypass the security question itself. Security should be paramount for everyone and this to me seems to be a failing in the system.

Introducing ScreachML

So what is ScreachML?

Using ScreachML, Screach allows you to connect any mobile in real-time to any piece of content. To do this, Screach requires that you describe how the phone will interact with the content using ScreachML and then to add some code to the actual content in order for it to be able to recieve real-time Screach messages. The content can be anything from a webpage to a Flash movie. Screach provides libararies that you can hook into the content to make this really easy to do.

To get started with ScreachML you can either dive straight in and read the language guide which shows the entire ScreachML language and what each Screach command does or you can view our quickstart guide and look at our sample applications to get you going.

In order to make the content react to a mobile device you have to hook in the Screach library to your content. Using the Screach Messaging library for your platform you can connect your content in just a few lines of code, job done! Any developer will be able to hook in the library and make their content dance within a matter of minutes.

Create Interactive Content

Screenreach allows audiences to discover and interact with content in ways that haven’t been seen before. Allow your audiences to control content using their mobile device whether it be an IPhone, Android, Blackberry or Symbian device. Make your audiences engage with your brand.

Imagine the Possibilities…

Imagine being in a stadium. At half time a Screenreach Quiz comes on the main screen which allows thousands of users to interact with it at the same time, then get real-time updates on their phones with the answers and rewards the user with vouchers to spend in the store.

Imagine watching  a presentation. Whilst the presenter is talking through the slides, the audience can interact with the presentation by voting in real-time using a dial on their Screenreach enabled mobile to state how happy or sad they are with the presenter. The content could then display in real-time the accumulated votes on a graph over the presentation.

Imagine playing a game in the shopping centre where thousands if not millions of other users from around the world in other locations all playing against you in real-time, all competing for a global reward.

The possibilities are endless, the only limitation is your imagination…

Screenreach – Our first post

Welcome to our first ever blog post. We want to use this opportunity to tell you more about Screenreach and our product Screach.

Here at Screenreach we’ve created an awesome app for iPhone and Android (Blackberry and Windows 7 coming soon!) that is a unique digital media platform allowing anyone to create real-time two way interactive experiences between a smart device and any content on any screen, or even just within the mobile device itself.

The cool thing about Screach is that it allows you to understand your customer better, to engage with them and to profile them too. You’ll be giving them a new and exciting experience to engage with your brand and in return you get to understand them better.

Not only that, Screach keeps your customers coming back and drives sales to your website or venue by rewarding your customer with a voucher, offer or reward once they have finished interacting with your Screach experience.

You can create unique, branded content and then allow users to interact with it in unimaginable and exciting new ways. Imagine giving your users the opportunity to engage with content in ways that would create talking points, keep them coming back to your location more and creating endless possibilities.
We’ll be using this blog as our platform to tell you more about Screenreach and Screach. We’ll be showing you how you can enjoy Screach as an end user and how, as a business owner, you can use it to interact with your customer.