Screach at Ubelly’s Critter Awards

Wednesday night saw the first awards ceremony by Microsoft’s Ubelly blog in London.

The awards, named The Critters after the little colourful fellas that adorn Ubelly’s website, celebrated the best of web development in the past year. The nominations were voted on in real time using Screach, allowing attendees to interact and select their winners instantly! You can see the winners here.

The experience that we used within Screach meant that people could view the categories and nominations on digital screens throughout the venue and could interact with the information through the Screach App on their smartphones. Attendees had a limited amount of time to cast their vote as a timer on the digital screen counted down. Once their vote was cast they could see their face pop up at the top of the screen to allow others to know they had interacted and voted.

This was an interesting way to show how Screach can used in live events, it really adds to the excitement of an awards ceremony if attendees are able to interact and influence the outcome in real time.

Where you at The Critters? If so, we’d be interested to hear what you thought about Screach.

Take a look at our shots of the Ubelly experience and our pics from the evening…

The Screach Ubelly experience

The Screach Ubelly experience

The Ubelly voter

The Ubelly voter

Screach at The Critters

Screach at The Critters

The Critters

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