Train timetables in the pub

When you have an hour to wait until your next journey, the bar across the road from the train station is often the only place with a comfy seat to kill time in.  So we created a really simple piece of on-screen content to make those pubs and bars even more relevant to train commuters.

ScreachTV venues can now display the latest arrivals and departures for their local train station on their TV screens, alongside their own adverts for drinks and food, local weather, local news, and social media.


The data is in real-time, so the customers in the pub can stay nice and warm for longer, without dashing back over the road to the station to find out if their train has arrived.

With some free Wi-Fi and a good coffee machine, this can turn a pub from an empty daytime boozer, into a destination venue for commuters.

What other on-screen data would keep your customers in for longer?

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