We’ve launched the new version of Screach for iPhone

As of today the updated version of Screach is available in the Apple App Store!

We’re really pleased to launch the latest version as we were aware of lots of things we’d like to change in the old version so we we’ve been looking forward to sharing this news. It means that iPhone users can now enjoy the same features as Android users. Hopefully, you’ll see that we’ve taken a lot of your feedback on board. The changes include a general tidy up of the app and improvements to the user experience, consolidation of content, new sign in options including the option to connect through Twitter, and much more.

The Screach Keypad…

The first thing you’ll notice when you open Screach is that you’re taken straight to the keypad where you can enter the unique code for the experience you are about to interact with. In the old version, you were taken straight to the ‘Home’ area which was a little confusing, especially for first time users. The ‘Home’ area allowed you to select which experience you’d like to do based on whether you were at home, relaxing, on the move etc. We’ve completely removed this tab from the app, leaving you with four concise sections rather than five.

Click to enlarge the images below:

Consolidating the content within the ‘Explore’ section…

Moving on to the second tab, ‘Explore’, you’ll see we’ve tidied this section up a lot. Previously there were nine categories to explore but we’ve consolidated them into these six sections:

Nearby Experiences:

- Find experiences near to your current location

Nearby Places:

- Check in to places nearby and tag others that are with you

Nearby Challenges:

- Check out experiences recommended by Screach and your friends


- Check out experiences recommended by Screach and your friends


- Check out places, experiences and challenges that you’ve been tagged in


- Search for experiences, places and challenges that you’ll enjoy

The next tab takes you to the ‘Offers’ section which allows you to store and view all of the discounts, coupons and prizes that you’ve been rewarded for interacting with Screach experiences. This section remains the same.

More options to connect with Screach through your social networks…

Next up is your personal ‘Passport’ area which may appear the same at first glance, but you’ll see that we’ve added a ‘settings’ button in the top right. Within ‘settings’ you can also connect to Screach through Twitter. Choose to connect through Twitter and Facebook or just one or other – it’s up to you.

We feel that the changes have made a significant difference to the app, even the second you open Screach things are clearer than they were previously. We’ve all been playing around and already thought of a couple of other features we’d like to integrate to make the experience even better for the user, so no doubt these will be included in the next update.

We’d love to hear your feedback…

If you already have Screach installed on your iPhone then you should be prompted to update anytime now. If you’re yet to install Screach, the newest version is available in the Apple App Store now for download. Once you’re got the updated version, we’d really appreciate your thoughts so that we can continue to improve the app. We hope you’re pleased with the changes we’ve made so far, most of them were a result of excellent feedback we’ve received in the past.