Share location memories with Buzzboard

This is the start of our Screach experience tour where we introduce you to some of the cool interactive experiences that you can enjoy within Screach. First up, we’ve got…


So, what is Buzzboard?

Buzzboard lets you create community content around the venues and locations you visit. All you have to do is to start the Buzzboard experience for your location and you can then start tying photos and messages to that location.

Why is this cool?

It means that you can leave photos of your experience, messages for friends, and reviews and comments about your time there. Even better, it means that when other people are in the same location and they check out the Buzzboard they’ll be able to see the cool things you’ve created previously.

You’ll also be able to discover cool images and reviews left by other people to see what they got up to in that venue and what they thought of their experience there.

The Screach HQ Buzzboard

Here at Screach HQ we use Buzzboard to track the fun and memorable activities and occasions we have each day. In our Buzzboard you’ll find pictures of the team, birthday pictures and messages, new office toys and sometimes just a random pic of our day.

We also leave messages for each other and comment on each other pictures. It’s a really cool way to track our lives at Screach HQ and everything we are achieving. That’s what makes Buzzboard so cool, it keeps a digital memory of all the fun you had in your favourite locations.

Check out Buzzboard and let us know what you think!

Buzzboard on ScreachBuzzboard on Screach