Screenreach – Our first post

Welcome to our first ever blog post. We want to use this opportunity to tell you more about Screenreach and our product Screach.

Here at Screenreach we’ve created an awesome app for iPhone and Android (Blackberry and Windows 7 coming soon!) that is a unique digital media platform allowing anyone to create real-time two way interactive experiences between a smart device and any content on any screen, or even just within the mobile device itself.

The cool thing about Screach is that it allows you to understand your customer better, to engage with them and to profile them too. You’ll be giving them a new and exciting experience to engage with your brand and in return you get to understand them better.

Not only that, Screach keeps your customers coming back and drives sales to your website or venue by rewarding your customer with a voucher, offer or reward once they have finished interacting with your Screach experience.

You can create unique, branded content and then allow users to interact with it in unimaginable and exciting new ways. Imagine giving your users the opportunity to engage with content in ways that would create talking points, keep them coming back to your location more and creating endless possibilities.
We’ll be using this blog as our platform to tell you more about Screenreach and Screach. We’ll be showing you how you can enjoy Screach as an end user and how, as a business owner, you can use it to interact with your customer.