EAT Festival is using a Screach experience to reward foodies

The Screach platform has been used to open a world of interaction to techies, global health followers and shoppers in this last month, but Screach is now adding foodies to its repertoire! NewcastleGateshead’s EAT Festival is rolling out its very own Screach experience to allow foodies to interact with exclusive content and access discounts at the event.

EAT organisers, NewcastleGateshead Initiative, will be encouraging people to download the Screach app and then enter the unique Screach codes that can be found on posters at EAT mini-festivals throughout the city. Once the code is entered into the Screach app, users will be able to access exclusive foodie quizzes and receive discount vouchers and free products from a range of participating producers, once they answer the quiz question correctly.

EAT attendees will be able to enjoy rewards, cooking tips, and recipes, and store each of the vouchers in their own ‘offers’ section within the app. EAT is our first live event that has incorporated multiple location experiences, allowing festival goers to interact and learn more about all of the amazing food and drink spectacles going on around them. For attendees of EAT Festival, Screach will mean that the experience doesn’t end with the show before their eyes, there’s still more to discover, learn and be rewarded with!

EAT Festival is taking place from Friday 17 – Sunday 26 June and the Screach experience can be enjoyed during the Big EAT! Weekend on 18 – 19 June. If you’re going to be at EAT then keep your eyes peeled for Screach posters like this example below, it means that free products, discounts and cooking tips are just a click away.

If you are attending EAT then download Screach to your smart device (currently available on iPhone and Android) ready to start interacting this weekend. We’d love to hear what you think of the EAT Screach experience and which rewards you took home.

Screach at EAT! Festival