Check out Local LowDown

Looking for cool Screach experiences to play? Take a look at Local LowDown…

What is Local LowDown?

Local LowDown is a location based experience that allows you to discover cool things and look up information about your exact location.  All you have to do is launch the experience within your Screach app and Screach will detect your location (make sure you enable location data) and deliver feeds about the venues and places around you.

Why is Local LowDown so cool?

Quite simply because it lets you discover interesting facts, cool venues that you maybe didn’t know existed and claims to fame from that area.

Local LowDown is also a very cool tool for when you are on a city break or exploring a new town.

How does it work?

Our experience wizards, Joe and Scott, created Local LowDown to be your number one location experience. The experience was built using the Wikipedia API which means all of the information you can access is gathered from Wikipedia and delivered to you dependent on your location.

What do you think? Check out Local LowDown and let us know your thoughts.

New to Screach: Instant Chat Experience

Our Experience Wizard, Michael Crosby, has been busy building a brand new experience for clients to take advantage of. Read about the features that your consumers could enjoy with ‘Screach Me’…

Tell us about the new Screach experience that you have created?

It’s called ‘Screach Me’ and it’s allows users to chat instantly. It’s evolved a lot from its initial concept because as we began building it, we started to realise that it had a lot more capabilities that we’d initially thought.

It lets you connect with people around you, be it in a social, leisure, or business capacity. All you have to do is enter the relevant code into your Screach app and then connect with Screach through Facebook when prompted. After that you’ll be given options as to who you’d like to pair up with, so if the experience was being used to assist with speed dating you’d select either male or female, or if it was being used at a conference perhaps you’d select ‘venture capitalist’ or someone relevant to that event.

Once you’ve tapped in who you would like to meet, Screach will begin to ‘pairing’ whereby it selects relevant people to connect you with. During this process, if you’re displaying the experience on a digital screen you’ll be able to watch everyone being paired up. Next you’ll be able to see the Facebook profile image of the person you’ve been paired with and you’ll be asked to select whether you would like to chat to this person. If you tap ‘yes’ then you’ll open a chat client within the app which allows you to chat in real time to the person you’ve connected with.

We’ll also be adding features so that you can save the other person’s details if you wish, such as a business card for example. You’ll also have the control to decide how long people get to chat before they are paired with a new person too.

What features does this experience have that we haven’t seen before?

The main thing is the chat client. There was a similar chat feature used in a past experience but it was a public chat whereby all chat comments made were shown publicly in a feed. The new chat however,  allows private conversations and the chance to chat with different people one after another. All discussions will also be shown in a similar way to how iPhone messages are displayed.

The chat all takes place in real time and it works really well. I’ve been testing it and chatting to some of our team in Romania and it worked perfectly. It’s a very exciting feature because it shows off more of Screach’s capabilities. All of our previous experiences have included interactions that were phone to screen, screen to phone but ‘Screach Me’ allows phone to phone interactions too.

Who is going to love this experience?

It’s perfect for big conferences as it is a really powerful tool for assisting with networking. It could also work really well as a speed dating tool, basically it’s great for any occasion where you want to want to help people connect.

We’ve already been chatting to some organisations that love it so it’s great that there is a buzz around it and people can see its huge potential.

You can take a look at the below images of ‘Screach Me’ to see how it all works…

Screach Me

This is how Screach Me will look on a digital screen as users wait to be paired...

Yes or No in Screach Me

You can see who you've been paired with and decide whether or no to chat to them...

The Screach Me chat box

Next up, you can enjoy the instant chat features!