Fenwick is using Screach to let you get your face in their window

We had a great weekend as Fenwick Newcastle unveiled its first ever digital window display which shoppers are able to interact with using Screach.

It’s very exciting for us to roll Screach out into the retail industry and being a Newcastle based company, Fenwick’s famous window on Northumberland Street was the perfect opportunity for us to kick-start our retail ambitions.

Newcastle shoppers are now able to get their face in Fenwick window by downloading Screach to their smart device and entering the unique code from the display to instantly see their Facebook profile image appear in the window! Not only that, but every shopper that interacts will be given a voucher to redeem a free tea or coffee when they purchase food in any of Fenwick’s cafés or restaurants, which will be stored within their personal Screach app. They’ll also be given the option to enter their email address to be included in a prize draw for an iPad2.

We went down to Fenwick over the weekend to see the window display unveiled to the public. It was a rainy day but shoppers were still keen to give it a go and the display itself looked great in its prime Northumberland Street location!

Fenwick window

Screach in Fenwick Window

We’ll be heading over to Fenwick window this week to chat to shoppers and see what they think of Screach and the city’s first interactive digital display. If you’re going to be shopping in Newcastle over the next few weeks then check it out and let us know what you think.