Introducing ScreachML

So what is ScreachML?

Using ScreachML, Screach allows you to connect any mobile in real-time to any piece of content. To do this, Screach requires that you describe how the phone will interact with the content using ScreachML and then to add some code to the actual content in order for it to be able to recieve real-time Screach messages. The content can be anything from a webpage to a Flash movie. Screach provides libararies that you can hook into the content to make this really easy to do.

To get started with ScreachML you can either dive straight in and read the language guide which shows the entire ScreachML language and what each Screach command does or you can view our quickstart guide and look at our sample applications to get you going.

In order to make the content react to a mobile device you have to hook in the Screach library to your content. Using the Screach Messaging library for your platform you can connect your content in just a few lines of code, job done! Any developer will be able to hook in the library and make their content dance within a matter of minutes.

Create Interactive Content

Screenreach allows audiences to discover and interact with content in ways that haven’t been seen before. Allow your audiences to control content using their mobile device whether it be an IPhone, Android, Blackberry or Symbian device. Make your audiences engage with your brand.

Imagine the Possibilities…

Imagine being in a stadium. At half time a Screenreach Quiz comes on the main screen which allows thousands of users to interact with it at the same time, then get real-time updates on their phones with the answers and rewards the user with vouchers to spend in the store.

Imagine watching  a presentation. Whilst the presenter is talking through the slides, the audience can interact with the presentation by voting in real-time using a dial on their Screenreach enabled mobile to state how happy or sad they are with the presenter. The content could then display in real-time the accumulated votes on a graph over the presentation.

Imagine playing a game in the shopping centre where thousands if not millions of other users from around the world in other locations all playing against you in real-time, all competing for a global reward.

The possibilities are endless, the only limitation is your imagination…