Team Member Profile: Mark Catterall

We had a little chat with Mark Catterall, who recently joined us at Screenreach, to find out more about why he loves Screach and what he’s going to bring to the team! Mark is our Head of Digital-Out-Of-Home Business Development.
Mark Catterall

Welcome to the team! Why did you decide to join Screenreach?

Sometimes things come along in life that make you think “this is a game changer”, Screach was one of those for me.  Innovation has the power to change the way we live our lives and I truly believe the Screach product can change the way we consume & interact with media and I want to do my part do ensure that vision is realised.

Tell us a bit about your professional background?

I have worked in the media sector for the last six years, most recently as Sales & Marketing Director for non-traditional Media specialist Kong Media. My shared passion with Kong M.D Ross Barrett, was for creating new and exciting ways to reach the audience by either helping to make traditional media channels work harder or by creating bespoke campaigns which ensured the message was seen like never before. As a result, Kong grew from being a small start-up business three years ago to becoming an established thought leader in doing things differently in the Out-of-Home sector.

Prior to that, I spent three successful years with CBS Outdoor, the market leaders providing in-transport advertising. I delivered growth on both new and existing business across portfolios in Central Scotland and the North East of England.

What plans do you have for Screach?

My plan is for Screach to be seen as the name for interactivity in the Out-of-Home sector. Having already engaged with key players in this space, we have some exciting projects on course which will make the whole sector sit up and pay attention. My vision would be for Screach to become a stable part of consumer’s media diet and be a valuable tool for consumers to enjoy richer, more rewarding experiences with media.

Your focus is on digital-out-of-home, which companies in this industry do you admire?

I admire the challenger brands in the industry who are maximising the flexibility and connectivity of Digital Outdoor to deliver a far more engaging, relevant, and targeted output to the consumer. Companies like Ocean and Eye have shown they have the flexibility to provide brands with the opportunity to innovate on their portfolio, while companies like ATM-Ad and Digicom are providing the scale on the national level to allow DOOH to become a realistic competitor to traditional advertising channels like print.

If you could integrate Screach into any brand in the world, which would it be and why?

Irn Bru. I am from Scotland, need i say more!

What has been the greatest achievement in your career to date?

I had fantastic success while at outdoor media company CBS Outdoor, I was nominated for ‘One to Watch’ and ‘Smart Award’ in 2006, was part of ‘Team of the Year’ 2007, and was awarded ‘Direct Sales Person of the Year’ in 2007.

Meet our newest team members

You might have heard we’ve been growing in size quite significantly in the last two months so we wanted to give you a proper introduction to three of our newest recruits.

Meet Mark Catterall the newest addition to the team, as well as Michael Crosby and Chris Mallan, the latest recruits to the Screenreach design team. In the coming weeks Mark, Chris and Michael will all be blogging to telling us a bit more about themselves, their backgrounds, and their missions at Screenreach.


Mark Catterall

Mark Catterall
Mark once won CBS’s Direct Sales Man of the Year but lucky for us he’s now our Head of Business Development for Digital-Out-Of-Home.  You’ll be able to spot him by his cool sense of style and his Scottish accent. He’s super passionate about innovative technology and how it can change the way you speak to your customer.


Chris Mallan


Chris Mallan
Chris is our graphics whiz who spends his days making Screach experiences fun to use and beautiful to look at. He’s a free spirit and plans to one day drive around the world in a VW camper van, but not until he’s first helped his fellow team mates conquer the world with Screach.


Michael Crosby


Michael Crosby
Michael is our Experience Engineer, he spends his days creating unforgettable Screach experiences with the rest of the design team. He gets his magic design powers and endless energy from drinking cans of Irn Bru and his 1st class design degree means he is somewhat of a smarty pants.