Marketing Coordinator joins Screenreach

Sarah joins Screenreach

Here I am doing a cheesy Screach pose

Hi, I’m Sarah Athey and I’m the new Marketing Coordinator at Screenreach. I’ve just joined the team this week so I wanted to say a big hello and introduce myself.

I’ve joined Screenreach from an organisation called Codeworks where I managed the communications, web content and social media for projects such as Thinking Digital Conference, Codeworks Connect and GameHorizon Conference. I had a lot of fun working there but over the last few months I kept hearing about this company called Screenreach everywhere I went!

The more I read about Screenreach the more excited I became at the work they were doing. Their product, the Screach app, is a unique interactive digital media platform that allows anyone to create real time, two way interactive experiences between a smart device and any content on any screen, or just within the mobile itself. Once I watched some of their demo videos I realised just how awesome Screach was and I literally couldn’t conceive where the possibilities would end with this product.

I’d had some previous contact with Paul Rawlings, the Screenreach CEO, so I thought what the hell, I’m going to drop him an email and tell him more about myself. I sent over some information about myself and before I knew it was chatting to Paul and COO Sam Morton about their company and the Screach app. We all seemed to get pretty fired up about it and share the same ideas and motivation so I was thrilled when they offered me this Marketing Coordinator position.

I’m now busy enjoying my first week at Screenreach and I’m feeling pretty proud to be part of such an exciting start-up.  They are a fantastically talented team with some super exciting plans in the pipeline!

My first task is to start bringing you some awesome content via this blog. I’ll be writing about our life as a start-up, our product, the team, giving you our thoughts and opinions on the latest industry news and much more. If there’s anything you’d like us to include or that you’d like to know about then please tell us. Let us know if there’s something you don’t like too, it’s the only way we’ll be able to make it better.