My work experience at Screenreach

I’m Matthew Wilson and I’ve been at Screenreach this week as a part of my year 10 work experience. I decided to come to Screenreach because I’d heard all about it from one of the designers, Dave, and it appeared to be an innovative and exciting company. I have been writing a diary about everything I’ve learnt and my activities this week. Here it is…

On my first day I was given the task of looking more closely at who we engage with on Twitter and whether there are other people that we should be following and having conversations with about Screach.

The next day I had to interview Screenreach CEO, Paul Rawlings, about building his team and how he goes about picking the right people to work for him.  I created some questions to ask him and transcribed the interview ready to be posted on to the Screenreach blog in the near future. It was great interviewing Paul as it gave me a really good insight into the Screenreach team as well as the company as a whole.

Matthew Wilson

In helping out with PR and marketing I was given the task of organising different media articles about Screenreach and Screach into two relevant and searchable categories.  I organised these press cuttings and articles so that they can be found quickly for reference and to help the team track the journey of the company over time. I also helped Sarah from marketing to search for websites and blogs that would be of interest for us to follow and also to inform of our own news.

Next I devised some questions for an interview with a new member of the team – Mark Catterall. The interview questions will be used to introduce him to the team and provide additional information on his background and mission at Screenreach.

After completing this work for marketing I started helping Robyn, the Head of Operations.  I’ve been looking for local charities in the North East region and researching some of the information about them and their cause for the Screach Foundation. The Screach Foundation is going to be a charitable arm of the organisation which plans to give something back to the community.

Matthew with design and development team

My final task was to work through three briefs for different scenarios focusing on how the Screach application could be used to improve engagement in each instance. To complete this I was firstly shown by the design team some of the different Screach experiences and got to learn a lot about the application and its wonders. I was then tasked with handling the briefs as the design team would do in a similar situation; this gave me an excellent insight into business and the creativity required.

During my week at Screenreach, I’ve been working with an array of different departments, including design, operations and marketing. Although, during my week here the hours have been long and arduous – a different pace from school life, I have quickly become accustomed to them and they have are not been as forbearing as my first day! Also, the workload has been challenging to complete on occasion, but I’ve found each task to be incredibly enjoyable.

I’ve had a great week at Screenreach and found the team to be welcoming and warm, helping me wherever necessary and more than willing to answer any enquiries of mine. I’ve acquired a lot of knowledge of the different aspects of business and how Screenreach operates, as well as gaining specific experience in marketing, operations and design. Overall, I’ve found the experience to be quite different to what I expected as I was involved in more useful and fulfilling tasks than I had predicted. It has been an amazing experience for me.