Meet the team!

As we’re enjoying some pretty exciting times at Screenreach and constantly growing, we thought it would be nice to give you a proper introduction to this expanding team of ours. Plus, we’re going to talking to you a lot through this blog so we thought it would be nice for you to get to us know us a little bit more, and give us a chance to show off our cool avatars.

So here goes…

Paul Rawlings


Paul Rawlings is our CEO and Founder. He is the top dog, head honcho, creator of all things geek. He loves burgers and is very, very clever. Even at such a young(ish) age, he’s already owned and run several businesses, including Twe2 and Tweba.

Sam Morton


Sam Morton is our COO and Founder. He oversees everything on the operations side of the business, working with new clients and ensuring Screach delivers an excellent service. He has a beard (to hide his sweet baby face) and lives next door to a castle.

Robyn Lingard


Robyn Lingard is our Head of Operations. She is in charge of keeping Screach running smoothly day to day, so her tasks vary widely, from testing the app, to managing our social community and liaising with clients. She adores cioccolata calda and dancing like Napoleon Dynamite.

Dave Potts


Dave Potts is our King of Design. Dave creates all of the pretty content for Screach, including Screach himself. He’s also become a master of ScreachML and is thinking about adding ‘Developer’ to his title. In addition to his technical prowess, Dave is a DJ and mixes beats and tunes across our fair city.

Scott Ireland


Scott Ireland is our Design Wizard. He creates cool experiences that blow us away and allow us to play games all day long, all in the name of ‘testing’. He’s might seem like a quiet guy, but his silence usually means he’s creating a absolute design masterpiece. He also drinks coffee from the biggest mug you’ve ever seen.

David Challener


David Challener is our .NET Ace. He is in charge of ensuring the site works in harmony with the app and encourages more people to get involved creating their own experiences and challenges within the web portal. He is very sporty and can even juggle fire.

Sarah Athey


Sarah Athey is our Social Marketing Guru. She spends her days nurturing our social communities, organising our press activity and blogging about our lives here at Screenreach. She also bakes a mean cake and always has her best ideas during her daily afternoon tea break.

Bob Morton


Bob Morton is our Financial Director. He oversees all of the finance side of things within Screach and keeps us on track with the important stuff. He enjoys a good bacon sandwich and looks a little bit like Joss Ackland in Lethal Weapon 2.

John Simpson


John Simpson is our Accountant. He looks after the company dosh on a day-to-day basis, forming the other half of the TFA (Two Fat Accountants) with Bob. Like Bob, he’s a real foodie, with curry always top of the list.


This isn’t quite everyone, this week we also welcomed Peter Bull as our Windows 7 Phone App whiz. Peter will be developing the app as we prepare to launch Screach on our third smartphone platform.

So that’s us! More exciting team members to come soon!