How we created the Screach experience

Dave PottsOur Screach Experience Master, Dave Potts, gives you an insight into how the design and development guys created the Screach experience…

As’s Screach experience went live today, I wanted to give you a bit of a behind the scenes look into how we created this motion controlled, multiplayer game.

The whole idea was to create something really fun that could get everyone involved in a way that would be memorable to them. They concept was designed to be fun and laid-back and opened a new way for consumers to converse with in a manner that wasn’t one way like a lot of traditional advertising.’s mantra is all about getting a quote in 60 seconds so we took this and adapted it to what we thought was an exciting way for the public to get together to enjoy what had to offer.

We came up with the idea of an American road trip – what could be more fun than that? Here are the initial sketches that we put together for the on-screen and in-app content… sketchesOnce the designs were put in place, it was time to start building with our unique language, ScreachML. ScreachML is the language that allows our technology to interact from one platform to another. We had decided to really make a statement and try something new with the experience. We wanted to show what Screach was capable of and to also create a buzz around the site. We decided that the best way to do this was to make the game motion controlled.

We also used Screach’s multiplayer functionality. Creating a group or community feel is what a lot of the Screach experiences are about.  It makes the experience more memorable and stimulating for the user and both the motion control and multi-player aspects would help to achieve this. They are both great features for creating a real buzz around the site.

The experience

One of my favourite things about the SwiftCover experience is that you can customise the features too. Users were able to select the car colour and model that they wished to use which is a great way to give them some ownership and really personalise the experience to them.

If you want to learn more about how to make your own Screach experiences then you can find out more information, including  reference guides at  As Screach is an open platform, it’s really easy to start learning how to build your own experiences. We’d welcome any feedback about our experience. If you fancy trying to build your own experience then stay in touch too and let us know how you get on.

Use Screach to take on Route 66 with your smartphone!

If you’re planning a shopping trip this week then head to London’s Westfield because not only will you be able to shop til you drop, you’ll also get to enjoy some one of the coolest motion control games you’ll have seen in a long time!

At Westfield’s Eat Street entrance you’ll see a huge digital billboard from with a Route 66 driving game! You’ll be able to enter code ’60′ into your Screach app to turn your smartphone into a controller for the driving game.

You can chose the colour and model of the car you’d like to race and play against up to eight other people – whether they be friends , family or passers by. Once you’ve chosen your car you can then start navigating it along the track by holding your phone in a steering motion. will be giving away great prizes all day for both participants and winners, including £250, DAB radio giveaways and keyrings. It’s going to be a lot of fun so come along and check it out on Wednesday 12th October.

If you have a play then let us know what you thought too.