Soccer fans get Screach at the ready

Here's the opening welcome screen from the NSCCA within the Screach app

If you’re a soccer fan and you like to watch the NSCAA College of the Week game on FOX Soccer then make sure you have your Screach app at the ready.

Tonight’s match between Maryland and Stanford is the first of the season as last week’s opening game was cancelled due to Hurricane Irene. You’ll be able to play along with the game through Screach as you watch it in real time.

All you have to do is to enter the code ’888′ into Screach when they game starts. As the game kicks off, the feed you see before your eyes will update with facts and figures, ask you your opinion on decisions and the teams, and allow you to chat to the commentator in the real time.

You can access an information page to discover exactly how to join in the fun

You can also  take pictures during the game, be it of live action from within the stadium or even a shot of you and your friends enjoying the game at home and send it to the NSCAA straight from Screach. They’ll be collecting the best pictures for their website and Facebook group.

When you first load the NSCAA experience within Screach, you can also read an info page to get the full details. We hope you’ll enjoy playing along, we know how much soccer fans like to be part of the game so we hope this will really bring a whole new element of fun to the game that you already love.

NSCAA has really pulled out all the stops to make this so we hope you all enjoy it.

Watch the video above to see exactly how to use the video and what you can expect to see during the game!

Tonight’s game between Maryland and Stanford starts at 7.30pm Eastern Time.