This is so cool – 125 years of Coca Cola

The coolest thing we’ve seen this week, is without a doubt Coca Cola’s 3D digital signage campaign to celebrate the soft drink’s 125th birthday.

For those of you that missed it, Coca Cola is displaying the world’s largest building illumination directly on to its headquarters’ tower in Atlanta. The illumination itself is awesome, you will not be able to watch this without having a sudden craving for an icy cold glass of coke.

The building, which is 402 feet high, was canvassed in scrim and the projection was displayed on all four sides of the tower. The design and projection were created and executed by the geniuses at Obscura Digital. Here at Screenreach we are keen followers of Obscura, they create projections that are seriously visually tantilising, check out their projection on Sydney Opera House.

The projection includes imagery from Coca Cola’s advertising campaigns from the year of their inception in 1886 all the way to present day. The display is being projected every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening throughout May and even more excitingly, consumers who upload their favourite Coca Cola photos to the Facebook Fan Page could be in with the chance of having their picture included in the show.

This kind of digital projection excites us a great deal. The possibilities for making displays like this interactive to the masses are literally endless.  The celebration of Coca Cola’s birthday continues on its website with facts from its history, the option to vote on your favourite of its famous TV adverts, and the chance to buy merchandise.

It would be awesome to tie in these web extras and the Atlanta projection using Screach technology. Using a code displayed on the screen you could interact with all of the online content, cast your vote in one simple step, and buy merchandise all whilst enjoying the evening display at Coca Cola HQ. What better way to celebrate your 125th birthday then by integrating all of these amazing technologies into one hugely interactive and visual campaign for your loyal customers?

Happy Birthday Coca Cola – and well done to Obscura Digital for excelling once again.