Bringing Inspiration to your Workplace

Lately, our very talented team of developers have been spending time working on their own Screach experiences using our open platform to see what little gems they can come up with.

It’s been a great way for them to invigorate their creative souls! One experience they’ve come up with that the whole team has absolutely loved is the Inspire Experience. Inspire is an inspiration board for you to collate and share the things you see throughout your day that inspire you.

Getting our Inspiration

Here’s what we do:

1. Each morning we load the Screach Inspire experience on one of our laptops

2. The whole team is given a unique code that they input into their Screach app on either their iPhone or Android device

3. Whenever we see something cool, quirky or fun that inspires us, we open Screach and take a quick pic and it’s automatically sent to the inspiration board on our laptops for us all to see, no matter where we are.

Inspire Experience

Here's our Inspire board

Inspire in phone

The Inspire Experience within Screach

Sometimes we connect the laptop to our large screen TV and the whole team can see the images as they appear. It’s a really cool way for us to stay connected and generate ideas together throughout the day, especially as we have teams in New York and Romania. It’s even a good way to share something interesting with the team that we might have seen when we popped out on our lunch break.

Want to stay connect and better inspire your team?

As we’ve been having a lot of fun with Inspire in our office we thought there might be a lot of companies and teams out there that might also like to use this tool. It works especially well in creative and design environments.

If you’re always looking for new ways to generate inspiration within your team and your personal work then drop Sarah a line and she’ll send you a special code and instructions on how to load your Screach experience.

We’d love your feedback

We’d also love to hear what you think about the experience and how you’ve found it to use, if your team liked it and what you think could make it better.