Make summer holiday savings with Screach!

Fancy receiving instant rewards and being in with the chance of winning £500? Of course you do! From today, Real Radio North East is running Summer of Screach where you can do exactly that.

All you have to do is download the free Screach app, connect through Facebook when prompted, enter the secret code that you’ll hear revealed on Real Radio from 10am – 1pm, and then enter your details. You’ll instantly receive a discount voucher to be redeemed at high street outlets and day excursions across the region, and be entered into a prize draw for £500.

You’ll be able to hear Real Radio’s mid-morning presenters talking about the Summer of Screach  and they’ll even be calling the lucky winner live on air to tell them the good news! Here’s what you need to listen out for.

Look out for these Save with Screach posters in Newcastle City Centre

Look out for these Save with Screach posters in Newcastle City Centre

The competition will be taking place Monday to Friday from 25th July until 5th August with voucher giveaways and £500 up for grabs each day.

Alongside the competition, you can also use Screach when you spot a Save with Screach poster at stores in Newcastle City Centre. If you pass a shop with the Save with Screach poster then enter the code into your Screach app and again you’ll receive money saving vouchers instantly.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy these two experiences – they’re guaranteed to save you money and get you some great offers just in time for the summer holidays. You can also take a picture of yourself enjoying either Save with Screach or Summer of Screach and we’ll send you a free Screach t-shirt!