Use Screach to take on Route 66 with your smartphone!

If you’re planning a shopping trip this week then head to London’s Westfield because not only will you be able to shop til you drop, you’ll also get to enjoy some one of the coolest motion control games you’ll have seen in a long time!

At Westfield’s Eat Street entrance you’ll see a huge digital billboard from with a Route 66 driving game! You’ll be able to enter code ’60′ into your Screach app to turn your smartphone into a controller for the driving game.

You can chose the colour and model of the car you’d like to race and play against up to eight other people – whether they be friends , family or passers by. Once you’ve chosen your car you can then start navigating it along the track by holding your phone in a steering motion. will be giving away great prizes all day for both participants and winners, including £250, DAB radio giveaways and keyrings. It’s going to be a lot of fun so come along and check it out on Wednesday 12th October.

If you have a play then let us know what you thought too.