The New Version of Screach is Here!

Old Screach VS New Screach

It’s finally here and we are so excited to share it with you…the new version of Screach!

With the new version you can enjoy these cool features:

1. You can still enjoy phone to screen interactions, but now you can play them at home too. Just go to to load some of our very cool experiences.

2. You can enjoy phone to phone experiences with your friends as cool content syncs between all of your devices.

3. You can enjoy location based experiences that let you interact with your location to discover useful info and create your own location specific content, such as photos and messages.

4. You can share the Screach fun with your friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook and you can also find new friends from your Facebook and Twitter listings.

5. Finally, the app has undergone quite a redesign which we hope you’ll love.


With the launch of the new app, we’ve also created a number of cool experiences that we hope you’ll have a lot of fun exploring. Don’t forget, these experiences have been created by the Screach team but there will be much more content coming soon…


Buzzboard lets you create photos and messages and leave them in your location for others to discover.

You can take pictures and write messages and reviews in restaurants, bars, football stadiums, at live gigs and much more. When you do so, other Screach users will be able to view and comment on your content when they visit the venue too.


LocalLowdown detects your location and brings you cool facts and info from the places around you. All you have to do is to start the experience and it will bring you wikipedia feeds for the places nearby.


Decidr is a very cool way to make fun decisions with your friends. Whose round is it? Whose turn is it to wash up? The Decidr lets you sync your phones together to make the decision in a ‘spin the bottle’ style – it’s especially fun in social environments.


Jukebox is one our favourites and one we use as team everyday! All you to do is to go to and load the Jukebox experience on your browser. You and your friends can then begin interacting with the Jukebox from your Screach app to choose tracks and create your own playlists, watch the music videos, vote tracks up and down, and submit dedication messages too.


Another experience that you can access through is TungTied. A cool multiplayer game where you can challenge your friends to see who can beat the clock and eat the most bugs in the time given.

Check out the new version and these cool experiences and let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you.