Screach delivers first live US event experience at North Carolina TEDx

We have had an awesome month delivering Screach experiences at live events across the world!

We told you about the Screach experiences that were used at the Microsoft Ubelly Critter Awards and Thinking Digital Conference, and to top off our month of live audience engagement, Screach was enjoyed by delegates at TEDx Chapel Hill last week in North Carolina.

TEDx Chapel Hill was our first US event since we opened our New York office in May. It’s been a whirlwind month since then! The theme at TEDx was ‘Global Health: What’s Technology Got To Do With It?’ and we enabled attendees to interact with the on-stage content and information using Screach.

Here’s some feedback that we received from Heather LaGarde, Partnerships Advisor, IntraHealth International & TEDxChapelHill Organizer:

“We immediately saw the far reaching potential of Screach in the field of ‘serious gaming’ and ICT for development. It is an engaging and community building tool that makes communication, teaching and learning entertaining and collaborative. Screach is an innovation that could have a huge impact on how we learn and share information in an increasingly socially connected world.”

The Screach TEDx experience as it appeared on the digital on-stage screen

The audience at TEDx Chapel Hill could download Screach and enter a unique code to begin interacting with questions on the screen. Then they simply had to choose from the multiple option answers that were available within their smart device to enable the on-screen results to update in real time. This experience really worked brilliantly at an event like TEDx which focuses on the TED ethos of ‘Ideas Worth Sharing’. It was an engaging way for attendees to learn more about the issues and topics being discussed and it went down really well, with almost 300 interactions during the evening from an audience of 400.


We’ve loved launching Screach at so many live events, each one was unique and required Screach to perform in a different way to interact with its audience.  Not only this, but we can also create in-app features such as an event itinerary and location maps.

One of the exciting things about Screach is that it gives you the power to create any experience you like, to interact with your audience in the way that you think best, and to engage with them in a new and exciting way.  Our live events have certainly achieved this and mark the launch of Screach’s live event potential.

David Weinfeld, our Chief Strategy Officer and head of our New York office attended the event.  Here’s what David had to say: “It was great to integrate Screach into a TEDx event. It was wonderful to see so many people’s faces pop up on the screen as the questions were posed to the audience. Since the questions we asked came directly from the other speakers and IntraHealth, the experience proved to be fun, engaging, and informative for the whole audience. It gave attendees the ability to interact with the event’s subject matter in a way that sparked further learning and discussion.”

TEDx Chapel Hill was a great start to our US activity. Check out Sam, our Chief Operations Officer, taking great pleasure in adding another pin to the Screach world map as we tick off North Carolina!

Sam Morton